Exercise on the Go

The Sauna Suit is a great piece of training equipment for people on the go, whether you are too busy to get to the gym, or you travel abroad frequently. The Sauna Suit is practical and easy to take with you whatever the situation.

Having a regular exercise schedule that is developed for your specific needs is a great way to improve your health. Sometimes however we don't have time to put in a session at the gym or can't get access to the facilities needed. With the Sauna Suit there is no more excuses our philosophy is:

As long as you have some floor space and your Sauna Suit we can help you lose weight

Please check out our circuit training routines that don't involve any gym equipment, perfect exercises using your own body weight as resistance to increase tone and stamina.

If you're going away on holiday pack the Sauna Suit with you. When booking a holiday consider a hotel with a fitness centre or pool. Look at the great activity based holidays available such as hiking and skiing. Put aside some time each day for exercise whether it's a run or some circuit training exercises. Don't let all your disciplined weight loss waste away on holiday and when you come to having that beer or desert you know you deserve it!

Ensuring you keep the Sauna Suit with you on your travels you can have no excuse to maintaining your lifestyle change to a healthier and fitter individual.

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