Sauna Suit Exercise Guidelines

The guidelines for how often, how long, and what type of exercise you should be doing in the Sauna Suit can vary greatly depending upon your health and age.

General Exercise Guidelines:

  1. You exercise at least 3-5 times a week for 20-60 minutes at a time.

  2. Your exercise includes some type of activity that involves large muscle groups and increases your heart rate (for example walking, running, cycling, or boxing) and also includes some strength training and flexibility exercises.

Before beginning an exercise program, remember to:

  1. Check with your doctor or healthcare provider. Find out if you have any medical limitations you should be aware of (both physical limitations and possible limitations caused by medicine).

  2. If possible, have an exercise test to determine your current level of fitness and work with a trained exercise professional to create an individual exercise program.

  3. Drink plenty of fluids before exercising to ensure you are fully hydrated.

When exercising, remember to:

  1. Always do both warm-up and cool-down exercises for at least five minutes to make sure that your heart rate changes slowly and you don't hurt any muscles. Warm-up and cool-down exercises can be light activity (like slow walking or stretching).

  2. When wearing the Sauna Suit for the first time, exercise in moderation until you are comfortable and familiar with the heat the Sauna Suit creates.

  3. Never "work through the pain" when exercising; you can only hurt yourself.

  4. Drink plenty of fluids throughout exercise, especially water. Always remain hydrated for optimum performance.

  5. Create an exercise program that meets your needs, but make sure that your needs and goals are realistic.

  6. Stop immediately if you experience pain, nausea, dizziness, irregular heartbeat, or shortness of breath. Contact your doctor and describe what happened before continuing any sort of exercise.

How hard do I have to exercise in the Sauna Suit?

This is a common question we get asked here at

Everybody will be at different levels when it comes to the amount of exercise and intensity level. Our advice is always to increase the length and intensity of exercise in gradual steps. Even small amounts of exercise are better than none at all. Start with an activity you can do comfortably and as you become fitter move on to more challenging forms of exercise, for example you may begin with walking, then move onto jogging and then once you have reached a fair level of fitness join a gym. We always advise individuals to find an activity they enjoy whether it is running, martial arts or dancing, finding something you enjoy can take away the negativity and boredom that can be associated with exercise and losing weight.

Using the Sauna Suit for the first time you will notice the higher temperature your body is put under. The “sauna effect” the suit creates will take a couple of sessions to get use to, we advise to take extra consideration in your exercise until you have adapted to wearing the Sauna Suit. We advise to gradually increase your training over time, never over do it, this only results in injury. Regular exercise is key, bear in mind its better to do three twenty minute runs in a week than a one hour run once a week.

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