Size Chart

Swelter Premier Sauna Suit, Swelter Original Sauna Suit and Swelter Sauna Suit Base Layer

S/M Under 178cm and under 154lbs/70kgs
L 178cm plus and 154lbs/70kgs to 182lbs/83kgs
XL 178cm plus and 182lbs/83kgs to 210lbs/95kgs
2XL (XXL) 183cm plus and 210lbs/95kgs to 250lbs/114kgs
3XL (XXXL) 183cm plus and 250lbs/114kgs to 294lbs/133kgs
4XL (XXXXL) 183cm plus and 294lbs/133kgs plus

Swelter Female Sauna Suit

Small US Dress Size 4-6
Medium US Dress Size 6-8
Large US Dress Size 10-12
X Large US Dress Size 12-14
Above XL For sizes over XL please check out our Swelter Premier Sauna Suit for larger sizes.

If you are still unsure of your size please feel free to contact us.

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