FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Sauna Suit work?

The Sauna Suit uses your natural body heat that is generated from any type of physical exercise to increase your perspiration during your training.

The increase in your body temperature due to the sauna effect the Sauna Suit creates helps increase your metabolism and calorie burning. This enables you to maximize the weight loss in your workout and in certain circumstances doubling or tripling your workout results.

Will I just lose water weight?

You will lose water during your workout in the Sauna Suit but we recommend water is consumed before, during and after training to ensure you are constantly hydrated. The success of weight loss in the Sauna Suits is due to the increase in your metabolism and calorie burning.

How do I wash the suit?

Washing Instructions Label

Hand wash Sauna Suit in warm soapy water and allow to drip dry.

Do not tumble dry. Do not Iron.

How long does it take to receive my order?

United States Postal Service Logo

Delivery in USA

Stock held within the USA will be sent via United States Postal Service.

2-3 Days Priority Mail with tracking number.

For more information on United States Postal Service please visit http://www.usps.com.

Stock held within the UK will be sent via Royal Mail First Class International Delivery this will take around 7 working days.

Can I wear the suit in a sauna?

We do not recommend wearing the suit in a sauna.

The suit should not be worn in extreme hot environments.

Are the suits waterproof?

Both the Original Sauna Suit and Premier Sauna Suit are waterproof.

I received the suit but it's the wrong size?

No worries, just return the suit to us and we will send out the relevant size.

If you are still unsure of your size please feel free to Contact Us.

We have been designing and manufacturing Sauna Suits for years and have helped many many different people of all shapes and sizes get the right Sauna Suit for them.

Getting you the right Sauna Suit that you are comfortable in is important to us - we want you to enjoy our products. This is why we are proud to offer a No Hassle Returns Policy.

See Shipping & Returns for more information.

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