Six Key Benefits For Sauna Suits

  1. Burn Fat Fast

    Working out in the SWELTER Sauna Suit will help you lose fat fast by increasing the intensity of your exercise. Your metabolism and body temperature is raised which makes you to work out much harder to burn more calories. By burning more calories you will lose weight!

  2. Detox Your Body

    Sweating hard in the SWELTER Sauna Suit causes the pores of your skin to open and the bad toxins stored in the body are taken away.

  3. Fight Sickness from the inside out

    Detoxing the body using our SWELTER Sauna Suit gives the body a healthy immune system. Harmful toxins are driven out of the kidneys and liver. The body is cleansed from the inside out.

  4. Prevent Pain and Help Healing

    The SWELTER Sauna Suit increases blood flow around the body, more oxygen is transported to the muscles and injuries are healed much quicker.

  5. Look Good. Feel Good.

    The sweat caused by exercising in the Sauna Suit helps to clean the body, keeping the skin feeling fresh and healthy.

  6. Banish unwanted water

    Wearing the Sauna Suit helps eliminate excess water from the cells and reduces retention and swelling. Women who suffer from fluid retention known as Edema can feel the benefits of the Sauna Suit. Always remember to stay properly hydrated throughout the day! Surprisingly, the more water you drink, the less you retain.

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