Best Foods for Weight Loss

No food alone could ever cause us to lose weight, there is no such thing as the best single weight loss food. Weight loss is the result of the energy consumed from all various foods within the diet, and that a diet's total energy must be lower than the energy used by the body.

All the best foods for weight loss should generally be....

  1. Fresh natural food

  2. Nutritionally dense food

  3. High in fiber

  4. Low in calories

  5. Low in fat

  6. Low in refined sugars

  7. Low in sodium

Many good weight loss foods may also contain...

  1. Complex carbs

  2. High quality protein

  3. Fiber

  4. High water content

Examples of some of the best foods for losing weight...

  1. Fruit

  2. Vegetables

  3. Legumes

Wholegrain foods (muesli, oatmeal, whole meal pasta, etc)

  1. Baked potato

  2. Boiled brown rice

  3. Fresh fish

Best Foods for instant weight loss

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