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Its common knowledge a healthy diet and regular exercise are important to obtain and maintain a balanced weight. The problem is implementing this into your day to day lifestyle is difficult. Weíve all tried crash diets hoping to lose 10lbs in a week for the summer holiday and failed, this is not the answer. Here at we have created various products that will aid weight loss dramatically but we still rely on you to be motivated and disciplined in reaching your goals.

A lifestyle change is the idea of making healthier choices one decision at a time for the rest of your life.

For long term weight loss a person needs a well thought out plan of action in order to succeed at their lifestyle change.

  1. What changes do you need to make in your life?

    Changing different aspects of your life, for instance, how you schedule your day. Making time for exercise is vital. If youíre not use to regular exercise taking things slowly and finding exercise that you enjoy is a great way to start.

    Planning what and when you eat is also critical to ensure you maintain a healthy balanced diet.

  2. How are you going to attain them?

    You need to examine your day and plan when you can allocate time for exercise and eating.

    If exercise has not been regular in your lifestyle then itís important to take things slowly at first to gradually incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Too many people go from one extreme to the other and soon get disheartened with exercise, the same applies with dieting. Now exercise does not necessarily mean going to the gym or running, being more generally active throughout the day is a good starting point. Going for a walk or trying to incorporate it into your daily life for example walking to the local shop instead of jumping in the car, taking the stairs instead of the escalator. Household chores such as vacuuming, gardening, and ironing are all great ways of burning calories. All these can be implemented into your life without massive change.

    In time you will be able to increase your exercise to more intentional methods such as power walking, jogging or cycling. Please explore our exercise section for a more in depth look into exercise routines and advice. Always remember to wear your Sauna suit during any form of exercise to ensure maximum weight loss is achieved.

  3. Remember if the way you live doesn't allow for these changes, how far will you get?

    Support from family and friends will increase your chances of success. A person needs to determine how he or she will resist temptation to go back to the old lifestyle.

  4. Keep your goals realistic

    Setting goals is one way to ensure success in any weight loss effort. The mistake many dieters make is to set goals that are unrealistic. Rather than believing that you can lose all your extra pounds in a couple of weeks, make this goal more achievable by looking at it over a longer period of time. Make goals such as 1 or 2 lbs a week.

    When a goal cannot be reached it usually affects a personís motivation resulting in disappointment and a greater chance of giving up. Success breads further success so achieving short-term realistic goals should be set to ensure you achieve them quickly to gain positive motivation. Setting goals and recording results can act as a framework for you to follow and help analyze how far you have come. By setting small and achievable goals you have a guide to help you reach your main ultimate goal!

  5. Relapse is a normal part of change

    A person needs to realize relapse is a normal part of change. A simple rule we find good to follow is be good 80% of the week and bad 20%. Life is for living and mentally itís important not to make too many sacrifices.

    Thereís no need to avoid certain food groups or feel guilty about eating a cookie. The key to managing a lifestyle change is to eat everything in moderation. Make healthy eating choices whenever possible and limit yourself to the odd treat you canít resist.

You should feel good about your lifestyle changes and enjoy feeling more energetic while losing weight slowly and permanently without ever dieting again.

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