Quick Tips for Extra Exercise

We all have busy schedules whether itís a heavy work load or looking after the kids all day. Finding time to exercise is not always feasible. Here at saunasuits.us we have come up with some quick tips to sneak some extra exercise into everyday.

  1. Be your own transportation

    If you can, wear your Sauna Suit and walk or cycle to work or the local shop (or park further away). Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Take the dog for a longer walk.

  2. Be your own delivery person

    Instead of emailing or phoning a coworker or sending something through inter office mail, make the trip and talk to them or deliver the package face to face. If a friend asks if you want anything from the cafeteria, burn some extra calories by going with them and picking it up yourself. Set down the TV remote and get up each time you want to change the channel.

  3. Playtime with the kids

    When you see your children playing in the garden take time out to join them whether itís a game of tag or soccer its valuable exercise. Donít just sit on the sidelines join in!

  4. Finish chores while building muscles

    Doing everyday chores like cleaning the house, grocery shopping, laundry, gardening, and walking the dog are great ways to stay fit. If you know youíre going to spend some time in the garden mowing the lawn put the Sauna Suit on to maximize your calorie burning.

  5. Split your exercise

    Don't have time to spend an hour at the gym? Try splitting it up. Try exercising for 10 minutes when you get up (maybe with some slow stretches and arm, stomach or leg work), take a 10 minute walk or exercise break at work, and squeeze in another 10 minutes before or after dinner to finish the day.

  6. Make your study break an exercise break

    If your head is swimming from work or studying, regain your balance and energy by taking a 10-minute exercise break. Take a quick walk or go get a breath of fresh air, do some stretches or exercises at your desk (keep a tennis ball to squeeze for hand and arm strength, or point and flex your toes to loosen your legs), or simply breathe deeply and practice relaxing your muscles. Not only are you 'sneaking' in extra exercise, the energy you get from increasing your heart rate will last longer than that caffeine rush from a fizzy drink.

  7. Strike a pose

    Okay, you may not want to practice your imitation of Arnold Schwarzenegger in front of your coworkers (or even friends for that matter), but flexing your muscles is a great way to stay toned and in shape. Try doing sets of isolated muscle flexes (for example flexing your arms 8 times, then your thighs, then your calves) anywhere you have a little time and privacy.

  8. Pick up the pace

    Doing an everyday activity at a slightly faster pace can increase the number of calories you burn. Just don't overdo it or put yourself in danger. For example, walking, taking the stairs, grocery shopping or folding clothes a little faster than you normally do could raise your heart rate.

  9. Have fun!

    Exercise doesn't have to be a chore. Try exercising with a friend, taking a new class, or trying a new type of exercise. Or, combine weekend fun or vacation time with exercise doing any sort of activity to get your heart pumping. Just remember when possible use your Sauna Suit to maximize your calorie burning and weight loss.

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