Sauna Belt vs Sauna Suit

When choosing weight loss product you may ask yourself why chose the Swelter Sauna Suit over a sauna belt?

The answer really is simple, both the sauna suit and the sauna belt have great benefits for fast weight loss. However the great advantage that the SWELTER sauna suit has is that it provides and maximises a full body work out to help burn fat from all areas of the body. The whole body is heated and therefore each muscle group is working twice as hard. This in turn increases metabolism. However with the sauna belt you are only targeting one specific area (your tummy). Although the sauna belts are effective at toning the abs that is the only benefit they have over the sauna suit.

Sauna Belt

  1. Helps tone abs by burning fat for a slimmer stomach
  2. Keeps skin healthy
  3. Can be used to support your back
  4. Easily hidden underneath clothing

Sauna Suit

  1. Helps lose fat from all over the body including abs resulting in a more toned figure
  2. Increases metabolism
  3. Increases blood circulation
  4. Promotes healthy skin
  5. Proven to reduce chance of injury during warm up
  6. Looks like a conventional jogging suit and can be worn anywhere without attracting unwanted attention

In conclusion we have learnt that both the sauna suit and sauna belt have great benefits for weight loss. Both increase blood circulation, burn fat and tone muscles but only the sauna suit can provide a full body slim down, the sauna belt merely targets one area.

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