Using the Suit

Tips for using the Sauna Suit

Before Training:

  1. Once again read the weight toss tips section of this site for a full understanding of how to get the best use out of the sauna suit and losing weight sensibly.

  2. Always consult a doctor before performing any physical activity.

Whilst Training:

  1. Wear a t-shirt and underwear underneath the sauna suit top to help absorb the sweat.

  2. Make sure you drink plenty of water during training.

After Training:

  1. When you have finished training make sure you turn the sauna suit inside out to enable it to dry properly before you next use it.

  2. Take off the t-shirt you were wearing underneath. This will be drenched in sweat and it is important to take this off straight after training, dry your self off with a towel and put a fresh t-shirt on.

  3. Always give yourself time after training to let your body sweat fully. If you get in the shower directly after training you will find when you get out you can still be sweating. Give yourself 5-10 minutes without the sauna suit on to cool down properly before showering.

  4. Make sure you drink plenty of water after training.

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